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Can I use a sandy grit either on top of my wet paint or add to the paint to make my steps less slippery.?:eek:
Hiya ican,

Go back through this forum's archives to this post:

Painting a Porch - 8/17/2012 - OP: beanie34...

Start with post #5 - then see SDSester's comments and photos...

That was a really good discussion, regarding your same topic, with better, safer and longer lasting options to providing a skid-resistant finish. Good luck.

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Shark Grit from Sherwin Williams is a great product, as an anti slip additive. Its applied with your final coat and can't be seen after aplication, but is there and does work. We use it all of the time when refinishing a surface that may be slippery, especially masonry surfaces.
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