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Hello all, this is my first post so its a pleasure to bend everyone's ear!

My wife and I recently bought a home built in 1939. The house has been added on in stages over the years so there are 3 different types of foundation scattered around the property: concrete perimeter, slab, and sleeper floor with 2x4s. The ONLY crawl space accessible area is concrete perimeter. My concern is the sleeper floor that is vented on one side but is completely inaccessible to actually see what is down there. There has been evidence of termites in the house and we are going to tent and treat for subterreanans as well but there is no way to access to sleeper floor to treat. It appears in good shape just the little bit that I can see through the two vents. The subfloor is creaks here and there but seems stable.

What can I do to prevent termite/dry rot to this part of my house? The inspector advised that I create access points....

Thanks everybody
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