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Slate Tile in Kitchen. On the right track?

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Hi - stumbled on this forum, wow...what a wealth of information.
Anyways....Installing Slate Tile in my kitchen.
House built in 1938.
From bottom up.
2x9 Douglas Fir Joists - Actual Dimension is 1.5" x 9"
16" O.C.
Length of Horizontal Span is 9'2"
.75" thick douglas fir subfloor layed 45º spanning the joists. Not T&G
Re-screwed them to the joists
Layed 1/2 Ply down over. Screwed with Deckmate exterior screws every 3" along border, every 6" in center and then went back over it and screwed 2" screws through into joists every 12" or so.

Planning on using Ditra or 1/4" cement board. - I have to do some more research on it.

Can anyone ball-park the cost difference and/or experiences between working with the two. Thanks.
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Your joists should be fine for natural stone as long as they are in good shape and no one drill large holes or notched them. Installing blocking between the joists would be a good idea since the planks are not t&g.

I would have used 5/8" instead of 1/2", but still should be OK. What type and grade of ply did you use? You are not supposed to screw the underlayment into the joists, just to the subfloor. In your case you should have used screws that are 1 1/4 - 1 1/2" long.

Planning on using Ditra or 1/4" cement board.
I vote for Ditra. :thumbsup:

Can anyone ball-park the cost difference
The difference depends on what you'll be paying for Ditra. Generally I would say Ditra is worth 2x more.

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Well, the ply is 5-ply rated pine...actually just over .5" thick. The screws I used were indeed 1.25", only longer where I went into my joists (whoops). I can remove the ones in the joists if ya'll think it'll be problematic.

The joists are all cross-braced at the half way point, as far as blocking...all my utils run through there so I don't think its an option at this point.

I'm gonna run with the Ditra.

Thanks so much for your reply guys...

I have read much valuable information from you two on this site.
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