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I would like to know how to replace a wood subfloor that has been put over a crack slab. We were wanting to place another slab over the existing slab
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This is a bit puzzling. You say the original slab cracked, so the owner? put in a wooden subfloor over the slab to "solve the problem?" Now you want to remove the wooden subfloor, and place more concrete over the old slab. But you do not indicate that the original problem that caused the original slab to crack has ever been addressed.

Given that you are in Louisiana, there are large parts of the state that are subject to expansive soils. You may have an underlying foundation problem, possibly a drainage problem, or you may be on expansive soils. If so, putting down more concrete will cost you money, and will result in two cracked slabs instead of one. You need to hire a company or an engineer to determine the cause of the original problem, then you need to fix the problem, before you spend more money creating a new problem.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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