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how do i make a city skyline using old dominoes
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Is this a class assignment? Even if not for a class, the Interior Decorating Forum might have more artistic ideas. Just click on the forum at the top of the page and ask your question. I'm sure you will get more answers that way. Try to describe what you want. One, two or three dimensions?
Class, home or work will make a difference.
My simplistic input would be to find a photo of a skyline, say in Bing photos & copy it by hand on a piece of poster board but larger like dominoes. New York City would be good. Stand the poster board up on your platform. Build the dominoes to match but don't glue them until you're sure. Try to stay away from round or triangular buildings unless this is a huge creation.
Moved to General forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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