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Wondering if anyone regrets putting in a bank of skylignts on their west-facing roof. We are building a narrow dining room/sun room addition to the west side of our home where there is currently a covered porch. The old covered porch gave the rest of the house some protection from cold in the winter and heat in the summer but the new dining area will have direct west exposure. We are planning four new 2 x 4 skylights in the ceiling on a 2/12 roof extension. Two will be opening. Wondering if any of you have regretted adding skylights because of the potential heating problem? We are in Victoria BC where we have about 6 weeks of hot weather in the summers (and getting warmer and dryer with climate change). There is one large tree on the same side which will give a bit of shade. Your thoughts are appreciated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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