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Skylights? Anyone Ever Mix Venting Type with Fixed in same room?

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I'm wondering how this idea would look and I am wondering if anyone has ever seen a similar layout .....
A LARGE room with high vaulted ceilings ....
I am picturing putting in 3 skylights that run parallel to eachother but seeing as these critters are quite pricey I was thinking I could get away with using two of the fixed type windows and have the middle one be a venting type of the same size.
Only problem I am having trouble visualizing is the part about the vented windows having a little less visible glass showing then their fixed cousins, maybe a couple of inches in either direction.
With the windows near eachother and running parallel, would that look stupid or would it blend together and be unnoticable?
Anyone ever see such a layout?
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You would be the only one that would notice it, because you know it's there.

Would that bother you too much?

If not, then do what you want to do to save some funds, but fon't cheapen out now and in retrospect, look back and wish you had done the other two the same way.

Think about it, then decide, and then live with your decision with no regrets.

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