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skylight flashing

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We are attempting to get old skylights replaced and have a quandry: if the current skylights are not leaking, do we need to replace the flashing? Apparently this is a big job and will cost an additional $1,150.
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Skylight flashing is comprised of multiple pieces
Much of the flashing can be re-used depending upon how it was installed & nailed
But - you can't simply leave the flashing in place & re-roof
It needs to be removed & re-installed - more labor
My head flashing & sill flashing are easily removed & then re-installed
The step shingle flashing can be a little harder to remove
I think replacement pieces are ~ $1 each
New flashing for a skylight is anywhere from $45-70 from what I have bought myself

This all depends upon your brand of skylight - Mfg

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Your post is unclear.

Why are you replacing the skylights? You said they did not leak?

How would you replace skylights without flashing?

Not enough information.

SunTunnel Skylights
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