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I really need some answers. The painter I hired has sprayed and rolled PPG Speedhide on all our new construction sheetrock. Pretty sure they used a 3/4 nap roller. They finished sanding and I am freaking out that this is what they look like. It's almost like a "knockdown" type finish...and not on every inch...but just about. Brought in my drywall guy, who did a great job and someone I trust…he was so upset that the painter does not think there is anything wrong with the walls. We decided to do a skim coat on a couple areas. Of course, they are beautiful. The big question is, will this skim coat adhere properly to the primer that is already on? I have always done my own extensive painting but am blessed to have had a total knee replacement very recently and am trying so hard to listen to my docs! We are contracting out the new house ourselves and was so excited to be turning a final bend only to have a bigger problem now. Thanks!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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