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We're currently remodeling a very small half-bathroom. After removing the old medicine cabinet, towel bars, moulding around the door, etc., there were a lot of large holes to repair. So, we put a wood backing in for support and I filled the holes with EasySand 45, and just put mesh tape on with DAP Patching Plaster (premixed, from a tub).

Here's my question: The bathroom is so small, and the repairs so numerous, I think that I'm best off doing a skim coat to even everything out and cover all of the imperfections (there was very old wallpaper that had to be removed as well). What should I use? I'm no professional (obviously), and I've read some suggestions about, say, rolling on very wet joint compound and using a squeegee-like device to smooth things out. But is joint compound the way to go? Should I use the same Patching Plaster (maybe thinned with water?), or just go back to the EasySand 45 (or 90), but a thinner consistency?

Thanks for any advice you might have!

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