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Skim coat on cinder blocks

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Hi all
Is it possible to skim coat cinder block walls, which are above grade, using drywall compound.
This is my garage, not looking for perfection, just a better base to paint white.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Go to a paint store and tell them what you want to do. They will sell you a blocker/primer.

You may compare the cost of the blocker & paint versus a skim coat of plaster. The fiber-reinforced plaster is not inexpensive and I wouldn't paint it afterwards. You may not feel comfortable troweling it on either.
I just put this on another thread but I'll repeat it. There is a new product out called Fibra Fuse it comes in 36" width rolls and it is really good for skimming. Having said that I have no idea about concrete. I would go to their website and try to find out or call their 800#
If the blocks are exposed on the outside, they'll absorb a certain amount of moisture during a rain event. Any plaster type of coating or drywall compound will fail from the moisture absorbed. You could coat it with something like Thoroseal

or parge it with portland cement. Cinder blocks are even worse than concrete block since they are more porous.
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