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sinks leaking and low water pressure throughout the house

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My water pressure is low everywhere in my house and in the master bathroom i have two sinks with two valves each which are dripping even when shut off, they get worse when I turn on the kitchen sink or any other faucet. I hear a weird squeal when I flush the toilet in the guest bathroom (different bathroom from where the leak is) so basically my entire house has very low pressure and one bathroom has leaky valves all of a sudden. I'm also feeling really sick when using the water for cooking or anything. My house is only 9 years old.
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call the town or water company to both take a water sample( since you are getting sick from using the water) and see if the problem is in the street for the low water pressure, they may have had a water main break and dirt or debris may be in the water lines causing leaks in the faucets and noise in the toilet fill valves...
We have no clue where you are so I'll make another guess.
Frozen pipes?
Not going to make you sick but would cause issues with all the plumbing.
Agree with above posts, start there. Determine whether issue is on your side or cities side. Check with neighbors to see if they are experiencing any of the same issues.

If you're getting sick from the cities water, cook and drink with bottled water until it's figured out. Call city immediately and let them know about it. Hope you get it figured out soon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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