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HELP!The sink sprayer that was leaking a little, now popped off, so water gushes up, making sink unusable. Husband had tried to find the right nozzle replacement but had trouble. Also said hose was stuck on where it joins so replacing set was a problem.
Now urgent situation!
1. Is there a trick for removing a stuck on sprayer hose where it attaches to either to replace or cap it off?
2.What is name of part to ask for if choose to just remove hose and sprayer and need to cap off the water flow?
3. If still cannot get the hose unattached from source to replace, is there a way to cut the hose then somehow clamp off water at hose somehow, so can use sink.If so what part would you use?

Replacing countertops/sink/faucet soon, so could do w/o sprayer and put a metal sprayer cap on sink hole till we do.

Husband can solved most small plumbing issues. Even when 4 plumber visits did not fix water heater leak, on Holliday,he took out, returned(warrantied),reinstalled 50 gallon water heater himself when had to.

HE hates to do research on issues not usually problem, so I do! Thanks!

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Easiest and quickest solution is to replace the sprayer with a new one. Not that difficult to do.

Turn off water to sink. Follow hose back to where it hooks up under the sink and disconnect it, bring it to a big box store, match it up, get a new sprayer. Depending on manufacturer, it may unscrew or push on. That's why I bring it to the store with me to make sure I get the right one.

You could probably use the sink, you would have to lay hose in sink.
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