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Sink Pipe Broken

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As you can see in the attached image, the pipe underneath one side of our kitchen sink is not right (understatement of the day). I am a noob (as in never did any repairs). So please help me determine how to fix this. What do I need to buy? What tools? And any other tips.

Thank you so much.

(Oh I am trying to fix two other major plumbing issues in our house. If you'd like to help me go from noob to :smartass: in a day, please click on my name and help with these other two repairs. Thanks!!)


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Attached image!

Sorry I had forgotten to attach the image. It is there now. Thanks!
The Whole Picture

Here it is!


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Thank you. I don't know what the stuff around the joints is, this is how it already was when I moved in here some months ago. I feel tempted to change the whole shebang. I will head to home depot and enquire. Thanks again!!
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