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Sink holes are larger than o'ring on faucet

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The hole dimensions in the Porcher sink are too big for the o'ring and mounting plate assembly of the Hansgrohe faucet.

The holes in the sink are 1 3/8" across. The o'ring does not set ON the porcelain, it is almost fully visible in the hole. The brass of the mounting plate sets on the porcelain directly.

This will cause leaks. Does anyone have ideas? Are the secondary o'ring sets available?

Hansgrohe interaktiv metro faucet 4" or 8" widespread lav

Porcher Calla II sink
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If it's too small.....You Might try HD or plumbing supply for the correct size
Hansgrohe is weird. They say the valve holes should be 1 1/4" but the spout hole can be 1 3/8". You won't find a pre-drilled sink like that. Since the escutcheon is 2 1/8" wide, just use a rope of putty or a bead of silicone instead of the o-ring.
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