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Sink Drain Stopper Won't Pop Up

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I noticed just yesterday that the drain stopper in a fairly new bathroom sink (4 years old), had "fallen" down into the stopped position and could not be pushed back up as usual (by using the rod behind the faucet).

I pulled it up manually and found that it lifted the whole way out of the drain -- which it has not previously done. It had been locked into the drain. It now simply falls back down into the stopped position every time I place it back into the drain.

I've read the information at this short site, and studied the graphic of the drain stopper assembly. I think that I now understand the parts under the sink and how the drain stopper should work.

However, the site explains how to get your stopper to lock back down tightly if it won't go down. I have the opposite problem: mine won't go up. From the information and picture provided, I can't figure out what happened. Can someone help me figure out what I should look for or try?

Just like the assembly pictured, my drain has a long plastic form that extends down into the drain, and which has a plastic "hook" at its lowest point. What should the hook latch onto? Is there a way to reengage it, or does the fact that it came loose on its own mean that something snapped? :confused1:

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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So you do suspect that the rod snapped then. Is there a way to check/confirm this?

Is the replacement something I could do myself?

What would I need?

Bill, Thanks for the advice and the subtle encouragment that it would all be "an easy to thing to understand" once I pulled off the pivot nut. It was, indeed.

It appears that whatever should extend from the ball into the drain has rusted off and snapped. There is now just a rusty nub.

Any advice about how to proceed from here? Can I just buy a new rod (the one with the ball on the end)...? Or will I need to replace more than just that? Is it easy enough to do myself?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Thanks, Bill! Armed with your advice, I'm going to attempt to find the parts and tackle this myself. I'll update you about my progress!
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