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How should I go about solving this problem?

I'm replacing a bathroom basin sink with a vessel sink. As a result, I have to move the sink drain. Normally, I'd cut out the old PVC pieces, and graft pieces onto the bare pipe to recreate the drain in the location that I need.

The problem is that there are female adapters butted up against each other stretching from the wall to the old sink. There is no bare pipe where I can cut away the old adapters and have something to which I can bond. I don't relish the idea of cutting out the plaster to get at the pipe in the wall, but I also don't want some hose-clamped kluge with accordion drain pipes or other half fast solutions.



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If the drain pipe is pvc carefully cut two or three notches through just the hub of the butted female adaptors (about 1/4" deep) and cut the pvc pipe off on the end of the female adaptor closest to the sink drain. Then use a straight blade screwdriver like a chisel and a hammer and knock the hubs off in pieces. Sand the pvc pipe smooth so a new hub will slip on fairly easily and go back and build your new drain line to fit.
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