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All too frequently I will go out to my shed during daylight hours and either turn on the lights to get better lighting on my work, or turn on the oscillating fan for ventilation. When I am done, I will lock it up and go into the house.

Some time later, after dark, I will notice the lights are still on and have to trudge back out there to turn them off. Or I might remember to turn the lights off but miss the fan and not discover it is still running until I re-enter the shed about 2 weeks later.

I know the most cost effective answer would be to train myself to turn everything off when I leave the shed, but I am an old dog, and after many years, I still have not learned that trick so I have given up on that approach.

I am looking for a switch that I can flip to turn the lights or the fan on, or both, that will have a timer, such that it turns off after, say, 2 hours. If I am still working, and it turns off, I can always turn it back on, but I can also be sure that within 2 hours of closing up the shed, everything will go off.

Many switches I have looked at are programmable, but they all seem to be oriented to auto on as well as auto off. I do not want the auto on. Some have timer buttons of the type that would be useful, but they also have a manual on/off override. I don't want a such an override because if I get sloppy and hit that, I am back to square one.

I envision a simple switch. Flip it and you have 2 hours (or 1 hour or whatever) of power, then you have to flip it again to get more power.

Now for one complicating factor. I have the light and the fan switches in the same single box. You know, the two switches, one over the other, that operate horizontally rather than vertically. If possible, I would like a double timer switch of the same style. It would be a hardship, though not impossible, to add another box, but I would like to avoid that if I can.
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