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(simple) set-back thermostat recommendations

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My sister is talking about installing a set-back thermostat on her heat-only gas-fired hydronic system. I'd like to find her something that will last some decades and I have seen complaints about the lifetime of some electronic thermostats. Given that my dad's two electro-mechanical (electric clockmotor with removable trip pins) Honeywell thermostats have been going for 35 years or more, and my sister has a very regular schedule it seems like a good option.
Is this type of thermostat still available?

I could be talked into an electronic model if the price is right, the set-up is simple and the reliability is there. Any kind advice will be appreciated.
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hi there honeywell make one can you get honeywell where you live ,, if so ill get part number for you ,,
Stick with a good brand like Honeywell or White Rodgers and you'll be fine with electronic.
Thanks. I had an electronic myself that I moved from rental house to rental house 5 times and finally to an owned house before it got flooded. It was easy to program, IIRC. I think it was an Honeywell. I recently decommissioned a Honeywell when I switched from gas/central to heat pump min-splits. It was a tedious to program and had no battery backup.

I guess my best advice to sis will be to pick some name brand models that look nice to her and then check out the manuals on line so she can see if the programming and override are easy to deal with.

Are there going to be models that work better with her specific system, gas-hydronic (no cooling)?
Can u get honeywell there ? They have a very user friendly one I'll send u part number if u can buy honeywell
Yes, I am sure Honeywell are available. Please send your recommendation.
I like the Honeywell VisionPro TH8000 series. There are three models (google to find what you want). I have the TH8320U1008. I don't believe these re available at the big box stores, as they are supposed to be installed by a contractor, but they are available all over the place on Ebay and other sites.

Like it better than the big box version, because it is larger, easier to read, and there are more set-ups.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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