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Simple question regarding ceiling fan light

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I've been looking online but I'm not very knowledgeable on this so bear with me please...
The pull chain on my ceiling fan came off. I unscrewed the bottom of my ceiling fan (where the lighting stuff is) and found that I couldn't get to the bit of chain left. I had to break off a piece of plastic (just a cosmetic thing I'm sure as it was the bit that would stick out of the metal casing and where a knob would screw on to make it look nice) and was able to get to the chain.

Now, that's all good as I found something to extend it with, the only thing is I don't know how to get the lights to work. I tried my best not to mess with the wiring at all, but two of the wire nuts fell off before I could determine what they were connected to.
I just want to know what needs to be connected.

I see a white wire that runs down through the top of the fan and is held with a wire nut to 4 other whites which go to each light. There is a black wire paired with each white one but they are loose and not connected to anything (thinking this might be where one of the 2 fallen wire nuts goes?).
There's also a black wire that comes down from the top of the fan that I assume is the hot wire. That is connected to another black which goes into the piece where the pull chain for the light is. Besides that black wire, there are 2 short wires coming out of that piece, a blue one and a red. On the piece there is a tiny number by each of the 3 wires. 1 is where the red is, 2 is blue, and by the black is what looks like an "L."

Sorry I don't know much about this and so hopefully the way I worded it isn't too confusing. I just want to be careful so I thought it best to ask around before trying things out. Oh, and the fan works it's just the lights that I can't figure out. I just don't know what wires should go together. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Oh, forgot to mention that there is one switch operating the thing. So normally to use I just flip the switch on and then use the pull chains to either turn on the fan, light, or both.
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You can either go to Lowe's and purchase a replacement pull chain switch, or do what I did, and install a remote fan unit for around $20 to $40. You will have to wirenut the two leads from the pull switch together, after you remove it, so that you can operate the light with the remote. If replacing the switch, which is around $2 to $3, you will have to splice the lead together, but will have to take the light bulb holder apart to do it. It should take no more than 30 minutes tops to replace with a new lightswitch, or replace with the remote.
All of the individual bulbs have the white wire still connected so you should be OK there.

Most likely you have a colored wire coming from the Fan going to one side of the switch.

The other side of the switch needs to be connected to each individual light.

Try to think of this as the white goes to each lamp, and the colored goes to one side of the switch, and the other side of the switch goes to each lamp.

If you are not sure please post a picture. (and of course make sure there is no power to the Fan while working on this.)
Actually inside the fixture where this switch attaches, it is two black wires. One is ribbed, one is not. No picture is needed from the other person tribe fan, due to I went through the same thing as the OP, and did a tie together of the two wires for the switch inside the housing when I removed it, so that I could install a remote fan/light kit. The only switch that you really need to really worry about, is the low/med/hi/off switch for the fan, which can be wired together for what speed you want, but should be replaced when it breaks, so that you are able to change the speed if you wish.
Thank you both for the help. I really didn't know what I was doing at first but the explanations helped me to visualize it a little better and I ultimately figured it out, I think. I got the lights working, I just hope I secured everything alright. I used a little electrical tape on the wire nuts but it still looks...ugly.
Hey it will work, but remember that the light is always on. I actually tucked the wires inside the shroud on mine, but that meant taking it down, so that I could work on it without standing on a step ladder.
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