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simple plywood box

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I want to build a simple rectangular platform, about 6 inches high, 2 feet by 3 feet.
It should be able to hold a person up to 200 pounds.

If I made this simply with 4 6" pieces of 3/4 plywood and a 2'x3' sheet of 3/4 plywood on top, glue and wood screws on the joints, would it be sturdy enough, or would it require more support not to collapse under pressure?
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Use 2 X 6's to make the box, not plywood 1, 2 x6 in the middle for support and use 3/4" Advantec for the subfloor.
That will be more then strong enough.
OK Thanks.
To be clear, you're saying one layer of Advantec instead of the plywood, not in addition to, right?
3/4 advantec is floor sheathing.. more than enough strenght.. plywood will work also
Watch For Deflection

Your initial proposal will work without collapsing. It may "feel" spongy though.
One word of caution. One more 6" x 2'-0" spanning the 2 ft direction so as to cut the 3 ft dimension into two 1ft 6 in spaces will prevent the platform from deflecting in the center when under load. Just a suggestion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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