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simple paint brush overnight saver method ->

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paint brush tip...
if your halfway through a painting job and it's the end of the day.. instead of cleaning your brush.. just stick it in a used grocery bag and tie the bag tight around the handle of the brush to keep the air out..
when you come back the next day , rip off the bag and your brush is all ready to go.. it won't dry out.. and you won't get paint everywhere..

this method will also work with a paint roller.. , but you will have to remove the brush from the roller and bag it by itself. the roller handle is typically to big for a standard sized grocery bag and you might not get a tight fit... ....
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and if you put that into the refrigerator, works even better..
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and if you put that into the refrigerator, works even better..
That USED to be acceptable, but, with today's VOC compliant paint formulas, well, your brush will turn to goo.

Gotta agree with the grocery sacks.......I've tried all the gizmos and zip-up paint bags like KOVRD and they aren't very effective. Some part of your roller or brush gets hardened by dried paint overnight.

These are the covered (KOVRD) paint bags......nice idea, just not as advertised.


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its worked very well for me with latex or any waterbased paint.....
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