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We have a typical outdoor garden hose bib with a broken handle. I’m trying to attach a pic. I think it’s upside down but you get the point. The pic, I mean!:wink2:

It has a plastic handle screwed onto the end of the brass fitting. The fitting has two flat sides that used to fit into a plastic part on the underside of the handle but the plastic part that fits over the brass fitting broke. So turning the handle only rotates the plastic handle. It does not also rotate the fitting itself. So we can’t turn the water on or off.

I’m sure I could get an answer at Lowe’s or HD but I’m in the highest covid-19 risk group there is, so we are self-quarantined.

I have two questions.

1. Would it work to use a crescent wrench to turn just the brass fitting, OR would I be risking damaging the entire fitting!?:surprise:

2. IF I did break the whole fitting, would I need to remove vinyl siding and the plastic bib enclosure inserted into the wall of the house to be able to take the whole broken fitting off and put on a new one? That’d be way beyond my talent level, and I’ll never risk that.

So I’d like to know what I can do safely and sensibly.



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Go to the inside and take a picture there. It's either threaded or soldered. Easy fix with sharkbytes if it's soldered. If threaded, do as mentioned. go with the frost free hose bib. Just a suggestion.
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