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Simple hole question

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Hi. I have a hole in my wall as a result of poor use of wall anchors to hang a curtain rod. I imagine this is a pretty standard repair but I want some advice before I fix. I'm a brand new home-owner so learning as I go. My questions are:

- do I need to use a patch/tape for something this size?
- do I need to prime over the torn wallboard before putting joint compound?
-on the other side the holes are the same size but the holes are clean through like the top hole here. Same procedure?
- could you please spell out the steps for me?

Really appreciate.

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I already have some all-purpose joint compound. Will that work if I am willing to wait over-night between coats? And also, getting back to origional question - will I have any problems with the moisture of the compound on the part where the paper has been removed? Thanks for all the advice
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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