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Simple hole question

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Hi. I have a hole in my wall as a result of poor use of wall anchors to hang a curtain rod. I imagine this is a pretty standard repair but I want some advice before I fix. I'm a brand new home-owner so learning as I go. My questions are:

- do I need to use a patch/tape for something this size?
- do I need to prime over the torn wallboard before putting joint compound?
-on the other side the holes are the same size but the holes are clean through like the top hole here. Same procedure?
- could you please spell out the steps for me?

Really appreciate.

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Home depot has the 5 min powder mud in the small box, so you don't end up with a huge bag you'll never use. Also, I disagree about the mesh tape. The holes are so small they will never give you a problem. Putting mesh on will then require you to do a bigger float, possibly leaving a bump in the wall. Further more, and this is just my opinion from doing countless crack repairs for so many years. That mesh tape is pure garbage. I'll use paper tape every time over the mesh, and I guarantee it holds longer.
Congrats on the 35 yrs. Wasn't trying piss you off. But in my 15yrs of business I've tried the mesh in many applications just to be disappointed once again. Also, the speed set mud would easily fill those small holes and never have one bit of problem. No sense in telling a brand new home owner with no experience to use the mesh and float several coats, then try to sand it smooth just to reveal little edges of mesh. For what? Those small holes will never crack.
carpitect said:
The holes look to be borderline on the need for mesh tape or screen. If you go without mesh, it may take two or three coats to get it flush as the drywall compound shrinks as it dries, leaving a slight depression in the center. The mesh will help minimize that shrinkage at the center and may cut down on the number of coats. You might try the self-adhering mesh screens - they seem to be a bit thinner than the mesh tape and easier to cover without causing a hump in the wall.

Here's a good step-by-step article with video -
Speed set mud doesn't shrink, and by mounding the mud just slightly, you can then simply sand it smooth to the wall. Again, I think you guys are making this far more difficult then it needs to be for someone with no experience.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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