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Simple fix - can’t figure it out

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Hi - newbie homeowner.

I undid the switches and tried to put a fancy WiFi switch but it didn’t work. (Has 4 connections, line, load, neutral, ground)

Since it failed I tried to put it back . Now I can’t figure out how it was wired, but I know that the circuits powers 3 things off 2 switches.

1) ceiling Fan
2) Outlet (other side of wall- always on)
3) Ceiling light

I identified the line and load wire that has 120v when connected via multimeter. The other blacks and reds only show 18v when I use the multimeter.

I know that one switch had an extra black power to connect the the second switch.

I know that the black/red that is not powered was twisted together and had another small piece of wire sticking out (small red in pic).

I just gotta figure out how to get the circuit back to normal. Please help, I feel stupid. Koi

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Hi Koi, you are not alone.

I'll get you started and electricians better than me will be along.

First, is your multimeter a digital or dial reading? Some meters are sensitive to phantom readings so those 18v readings may not really be there.

I can see two cables entering the bottom of that box and I know there are more. Make a list of all cables you see coming in and the number of conductors and color. Put that list into a vertical column on the left side of a sheet of paper.

Now make a list of all devices being powered from those switches, again a vertical list but on the right side now.

Leave out the bare copper and label the wires you know and with pencil draw a connection between switches and devices.

As you fill in the connections it usually becomes obvious where other wires need to be connected.

May seem like a silly exercise but it dos help to unscramble the birds nest we are seeing.

Pros will be along.

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Also provide the brand and model of the wifi switch you tried to install. If you use two switches in this set up it is possible that this wifi switch does not have the ability for a 3 way set up.
When you take voltage readings one of your test points for all the readings should be the bundle of whites stuffed in the back of the box. Those are the neutrals.
Hi all

The model for the WiFi dimmer is C by GE WiFi summer switch

I also tested the line to neutral and got 120v on my multimeter, only the black line that I circled has power. The others do not have.

My multimeter is set to Vac 200

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