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Simonton Gliding Doors??

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Any experience with the Simonton gliding doors?

A quick trip to the local Home Depot has me considering these 2 options

#1. Anderson 400 $1,800/each
#2 Simonton $950/each

I need two of these doors so it is a considerable price difference. I'm sure you get what you pay for but is Anderson really twice the product?

Appreciate any input from anyone out there.

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While you are looking, see how the air stop is dealt with on the Simonton. Does it have an interlock like the Andersen? When the two doors are closed, they have a complete air stop. I have installed a lot of Andersens and Pella, and really prefer the Pella, but, price is at a premium.

Is your door going on a windward side of the house, like on a lake lot, or will it receive a lot of sunlight? Is it covered via a porch?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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