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So being new to Arizona I was pleased with the front yard being landscaped with rock and maintenance free.

Now it's February and surprise surprise, weeds have appeared from nowhere. Not so maintenance free after all....

I guess I'll have to use a trimmer on them because a lawn mower won't like the rock. But what to do with the chopped weeds? Do people just leave them there to rot away naturally, or do you pick em all up and throw away?

I don't want them blowing into a neighbours front yard of course. I already had that problem with my trees in high winds.

Is there a device to pick this stuff up, or you just break your back scooping? It's obvious I haven't owned a yard before :)

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If you chop them you know of course that they will grow back. How about giving them a good yank and getting them by the root. Not sure about your municipality but where I am they then get placed in paper lawn bags and set out at the curb.

You cannot compost them because they are full of seed. No matter how diligent you go about this task there will always be some growing back, but you can significantly reduce the amount.

If this maintenance seems daunting, dump something on them. Round up or something similiar.
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