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Silicone removal from bathtub ledge

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My daughter, bless her heart, has removed a sliding door from her bath tub and scraped (as best she could) the silicone from the tub and surround, however, there remains a skim of silicone which I am sure will present problems in the future.

I followed up with a razor blade to scrape some more of the silicone off, but am still not happy with the results.

Is there a liquid which will remove the remainder of the silicone from the tub and surround which will not damage the surround?

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Myself, rather than razor blades, I use a small piece of softwood, applying pressure to break the bond. The wood is harder than the silicone, but likely softer than the tub, so less likely to cause damage. Followed by scrubbing with cleanser.
I like this option. I have previously use a strong towel to generate the friction. I like the wood option.

I would skip the remover like SPS-1 said. Silicone is just so inert that nothing works well on it and you will be exposing yourself to some nasty stuff.

Best stuff to use here is elbow grease.
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