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Siemens braker won't fully seat in place.

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Before I registered and logged back in, I read a thread by davidy123 related to the same subject but for some reason I can't find it again. I have the same problem with the same brand product however I find nothing in the way of of it being set into the buss bar. The breaker being replaced looks the same except for the designation of QP on the old and QT on the new one. Is that the problem?
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What exactly are the new and old breaker numbers? What is the brand and type of panel?

You should be able to post pictures after your first post.
What is the model number of your panel ?
The Siemens 2nd-5th positions of the model number are usually the number of spaces and circuits allowed. If they match (example 2424), the panel will not accept tandem breakers.

If they don't match (2024) it has 20 spaces but is allowed 24 circuits. In this example, you would have 4 spaces that would accept tandems. IIRC, they would be the 4 bottom spaces.
Thanks for your response. A picture equals a thousand words. The breaker with the longer gap (left) is the one I have used before. :vs_mad: The one with the shorter gap is the one I was trying to install. That's why it would not work. I will take back to HD and replace it. Thanks aging.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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