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Siding where roof meets wall

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I am installing wavy edge, bevelled, cedar siding on my new home. I am unsure how to apply siding where a porch roof meets a vertical wall. The specific problem point is where the bottom drip edge of the roof meets the wall. The wall is house wrapped. The roof is shingled with metal, step flashing installed along the wall intersection. Rake boards are installed with a metal drip edge which meet the wall, but there are no gutters. I am furring the siding 1/2 inch away from the sheathing.

Does anyone know of a detailed source of information on how to install the siding where it meets the drip edge of the roof?

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Sounds like you have no overhangs? Sounds like the drip cap has been installed flush with the sheathing? A frieze board/fascia board should have been installed prior to the shingles at the very least. Your posting is a little confusing. A picture would help because I think you have some of the terms confused.

See attached pictures. Yes, I meant that facia boards were attached prior to shingles and the drip edge applied flush to the sheathing. In this picture I have cut the drip edge and facia boards back in order to fit the next course of siding between them and the sheathing. I have covered the step flashing with flashing tape to keep water from getting behind them before we could get the siding up. The vertical 2 x boards are 1/2' thick furring strips to provide air space behind the siding.

Thanks for your help.



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