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Siding needs replaced

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We have noticed some leaks around the nails that hold our siding on. How we have lived in this house for 40 years with no problems is beyond me. My husband believes the siding has started to rot, producing these leaks. Its T-111, and was put on in the eighties. It is the type that is in 4' x 8' sheets with trim between each sheet. Would it be best to go back with the 4' x 8' sheets, or try a new kind of siding?
The 4x8 sheets are cheapest and easiest to apply, but is there a type out there that would be better?
Its a mobile home, so we cant do stucco or stone or brick
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Got a picture?
I just hate T-111. Lack of proper maintance would be the main reason for premature failure.
The least expancive way and least amount of future maintaince would be to wrap the house in house wrap, build out the window and door trim, wrap the trim in coil stock and cover with vinyl siding.
here is the siding, the dark sliver in the middle is where its leaking


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its a JPEG i posted it as an attachment
I am just not seeeing any attachment button... only the insert image which asks me for a web address???
beside Post Quick Reply there is a button that says Go Advanced, click that and then click the paper clip icon to attach
I believe by "coil stock" he is referring to metal coil on a roll. Guys use a metal brake to make bends to go around brick mouldings etc. then alittle bit of caulking. Basically a bunch of different color options.
There is a version of the T 1-11 out now that is made out of fiber cement. It is not as thick as standard T 1-11, especially old T 1-11 swollen from moisture absorption. if you were to tear off the old siding the new stuff would be up to 3/8" less in thickness so you would have to figure that difference in when reworking the exterior window trim and door trim. At this point I'm not sure if the new fiber cement stuff would last as long as just putting standard t 1-11 back up but in theory it seems like it would last longer if it did not de laminate. you could also possibly use the old t 1-11 as wall sheathing and go over top of it with a new siding of your choosing...
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