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Siding in So-Cal to cover nasty stucco?

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Here's a picture from another thread, and I'd like thoughts as to what to maybe cover the stucco with, if possible.

The part in the lower left is looking, shall we say, a bit covid; I've seen efforts to patch and repair (including on my own house, though not by me, yet), that tend to be worse. In the 17 years I've been here, there's been a couple of earthquakes, one of which was epicentered literally down the road a piece in 2014. There's cracks about a foot from the ground, which I'll post pictures of, when I get home from the Dark Tower.

One option, I suspect, is to re-stucco. The huge problems with that are: (a) it would seem expensive; and (b) it will suffer earthquake damage, like the original, and have to be re-stuccoed again.

Maybe wooden siding? Any thoughts?

As the late Rick James said, in a wholly different context, give it to me bay-bay . . . . .


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In my opinion the best option would be to use a Synthetic Stucco base coat & a Synthetic Finish with color & texture selected.
Example of types of materials i would use.
(1) Clean existing Stucco with a pressure washer.
(2) Apply STO Plex W surface conditioner .
(3) Apply STO RFP (reinforced fiber plaster) with STO Reinforcing Mesh 4.8oz per sq. yd. This base coat is flex able, will bridge cracks & is water proof above grade. If you need to go below grade use STO Flexyl it is also flex able & will bridge cracks & is water proof below grade.
(4) Apply a STO finish coat of a color selected & texture selected.
You can also get finishes that are resistance to mold, mildew & airborne pollutants aren't likely to stick to it.
The above type over lay will be very light weight & at the most no more than about 1/4" thickness max. depending on texture selected.
Thanks! :vs_cool:

Think it'll cover up that nasty mis-texturing at only 1/4"?

Also, is this one of those specialty things, or do the infamous big boxes sell it?
So, @ClarenceBauer, ever hear of anyone using wood or other materials as siding to cover stucco?

I note you're in South Carolina, which has a few differences, but still, your comments have been greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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