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Side wall vent kit for 2-pipe furnace

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In my Goodman furnace manual it describes how a "side wall vent kit" can be used instead of the standard 2-pipe termination options. They seem like a much easier and aesthetically pleasing option than the standard pipe terminations. Has anybody had any issue with these kits?

The reason I ask is the kits have the intake and flue pipes very close together, and it seems to contradict the minimum clearances required when just running the pipes out normally. Goodman want a 12" clearance between the intake and flue pipes, and in the kit they're RIGHT near each other, albeit the intake is sucking from behind the face plate while the vent is blowing out through the front of it - still, it seems very close.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.


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Just a concentric vent kit. Very popular. Very widely used.
Good to know. I just thought they contradicted the minimum distances in the standard termination illustrations and might lead to performance/efficiency issues.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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