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We live in northeast Massachusetts, and can't find a shingle that is light enough in color to suit us. We'd have to special order GAF or Certainteed "cool colors", but should we be leery of owning a product that is otherwise not in this market?

Even though we do not get very hot summers compared to the southern states, it seems that even here we could get an energy tax credit for installing the reflective laminated shingles that are Energy Star rated. This would offset some of the additional cost of the special order.

I heard that 40 year shingles are being phased out. If true, would it be a problem to have such shingles installed, provided we had a couple of extra bundles of shingles? (We will be providing optimal ventilation and will increase the attic's insulation regardless.)

Please let us know if this is not a good idea/solution.
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