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Shower Valve Handle set screw jammed

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Hope you all can give me some insight. Tennant called and said the handle from her shower keeps falling off (I just purchased the property this summer). Taking a quick look the other day while I was out there I see there is a set screw on the inside of the handle that appears to tighten against a valve stem extension... however I'm just guessing. I know there is a set screw on the outside of the handle and one inside. Here are my questions:

1) Does anyone know what kind of valve this is? It's old and heavy. I don't see any manufacturer.
2) Do you think that set screw on the outside of the handle separates the handle in two pieces so you can reach the inner set screw?
3) If the design is how I'm thinking, I suspect that valve stem extension is probably corroded into the handle. I can probably get it out, but how would I affix it to the existing valve stem mounted to the fixture?
4) Lastly, do I have this all wrong?

I appreciate any insight. Thank you!


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The inner part is an adapter to allow the outer jewelry to attach.

Use some penetrating oil type stuff to release the set screw, take them apart, reinstall the adapter tighter, then the outer and you are done.

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your bottom picture appears to have a wear ring near the end, that is where the inner set screw has been seated, and is now loose.


The outer screw releases the outer housing from the inner adapter.
the inner adapter screws tight to the stem, then the outer housing screws to the adapter.

SIMPLE mechanics, Many universal faucets have a similar setup to fit many applications.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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