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I recently bought my first condo and have quickly learned that some people do not have common sense. While I have many issues in my condo, the most major one I believe relates to my shower.

Apparently the previous owner (original owner, condo built in the 80's) decided to redo the tile in the bathroom. When they re-tiled, they tiled over the EXISTING TILE! In my book that is a major no-no, but what do I know! This created several issues, first was that the shower drain cover does not work since it can not screw into anything because from the tile to the drain is about an inch gap, exposing all the layers of tile. I used a silicone caulk on the entire drainage area and used a plastic drain cover that sinks into the hole. I think I am good there.

Next, I started to notice that there are numerous areas were grout is missing, which includes a section of the bottom wall where about a quarter of an inch is missing, exposing I'm assuming the old tile????

The third final issue is that now the floor does not angle into the drain, so the water sits unless I push the water into the drain every time. I figure I can get a squeegee to resolve that issue for a while.

As I previously mentioned, this is my first place. I do not have the money to gut the bathroom like I want, I would like to gut the whole place! Any DIY remedies would be greatly appreciated for the time being till I do have the money to make everything proper. From what I read re-grouting the missing areas might work well, which was explained in another posting.

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