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Shower Surround Install Advice?

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I have a Sterling Ensemble made with Vikrell. The tub is in, and I'm about to install the rear wall. The only place that the directions specify applying silicone is at the outer edges of the side walls.

Should I just stick to the directions, or would it be wise to silicone the entire tub/surround transition?

Thanks in advance.
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they do that so if any water gets in to seams it will seep out at tub flange. i like to use silicone at verticals when assembling then after all install seal all seams with a tight bead reason why is when in someone else's bathtub doing a repair the horizontal seam always looks bad from scum build up in seam
Thanks. So if I understand correctly:

1. Don't seal horizontals. It will accumulate scum.

2. Seal the vertical seams during and after install.

That makes sense and sounds simple enough.
1 if you do not seal horizontals it will build up scum
2 seal verticals while installing
3 seal verticals and horizontals after install is complete
that is what i do
Got it. I thought that your original comment about the scum in the seam attributed the scum to the seam having been sealed.

This is helpful. I've never done anything like this, so I'm learning as I go.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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