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Shower redo

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HI, I'm new at this but we've been doing a lot of painting and fixing since Ike hit in Sept. We've painted the whole house and my tub surrounds in both bathrooms look terribly yellowed now. Oh, I do live in a mobile home. I've been looking for some ideas on what I can replace or cover up the surrounds with. Big sheets of stuff would be the easiest so I could use whats up there now as my template. I saw Amy use some "sheets" of granite this morning on the show of a newly wed couple redoing their condo bathroom. But as usual when I go on the site I can't find what I'm looking for. I just need some suggestions.

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shower redo

The surrounds I have looked at are either to big or to small and I'm afraid to cut them afraid of messing up the edge that seals. I have seen them use some solid sheet of something on bathroom renovations but never can quite catch the name of it. Very simple, which is what I need. Thank you for your reply.
Thank you so much. will check out lowes & home depot for the material you spoke of. I just need something that will be white again. Now that we've painted the surround looks terrible, all yellow. I appreciate your help. Thank you.
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