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Shower redo

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HI, I'm new at this but we've been doing a lot of painting and fixing since Ike hit in Sept. We've painted the whole house and my tub surrounds in both bathrooms look terribly yellowed now. Oh, I do live in a mobile home. I've been looking for some ideas on what I can replace or cover up the surrounds with. Big sheets of stuff would be the easiest so I could use whats up there now as my template. I saw Amy use some "sheets" of granite this morning on the show of a newly wed couple redoing their condo bathroom. But as usual when I go on the site I can't find what I'm looking for. I just need some suggestions.

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As you are reading this, keep this in mind: I have absolutely no experience and just about that much knowledge when it comes to what you are asking about.

Having said that, I use to work in a big bakery (Sara Lee). They hung a certain kind of paneling on the walls in a couple of the cleaning/sanitation areas where hoses were used to clean the portable machinery. It was white and had a bubbley texture to it. I left there shortly after they put it up, so I can't say how well it held up. I saw the same stuff at Lowe's and Home Depot about 5 years ago. I also saw it used on the walls in a shower stall in the bathroom displays at Menard's.

That may be one product to use for very little money.

If you want something that's going to last and keep your walls waterproof for years, you'll want to use Kerdi. There are some posts on this forum that talk about it. Look for it also in the Project Showcase forum. It's more expensive, but you won't ever have to replace it.
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