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I am converting a tub to shower and have a few questions....

slip sheet , wire mesh w/ mud for pre-slope & Red guard for pan. Backer board on walls w/ niches (not prefab) and a Better bench. 4x4x16 cmu w/ 2" cap for curb.

* re: mesh for pre-slope- Can i use "hardware cloth" 19 gauge 1/2" mesh w/ galvanized zinc coating?

*after pre-slope is constructed should i put the Redguard on (as pan) then the cmu cap and proceed with the mud for shower floor?

*should I use lathe on curb?

*does the mud on curb need to be 3/4" thick on all sides? ( i am trying to calculate the space between the existing saltillo & CMU for the curb to allow for all phases and a grout joint)

*should I Redguard the studs around & behind the niches before i put the backer board in it? Then red guard the niche again?

*one last question, how much Redguard should i need? i bought a 1 gallon bucket and a 3.5 gallon bucket.

I would appreciate any input.

Thank you,

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If you can get metal lath, that is what I would use.
Redgard is not needed on the preslope.
1/2" is fine for the curb on the sides. 1" for the top.
Redgarding the studs? NO. That would be anticpating a leak. The niche needs to have cbu all around, taped and Redgarded.
1 gallon should do the job.
Here's some info:
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