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I'm low on plumbing lingo and talent - but I'd love some advice, so please bear with me!

- I was having new shower tiling and faucets installed, so the contractor removed the old tiling and plumbing and hired a plumber to reinstall the "frame" that holds the shower controls and the taps for shower / bath (all faucets / taps were provided to plumber). The work was completed and ready for tiling.

- The contractor was subsequently let go from the job due to other issues, and I never even found out who did the plumbing work.

- Some time later, the tiling guy came in and did his thing. I've attached a pic from before the grouting was done, with the pipes sticking out.

- Then the new plumber went to put the faucets / taps on to the "raw" plumbing, only to tell me that now that the tiling was on, the pipes didn't stick *quite* far out enough from the wall to thread the taps and faucets on properly. He did his best, threaded them on most of the way, and (knocking on wood) they seem to be OK so far. There don't seem (knocking again!) to be any leaks.

The problem is the controls! I've attached another pic, with handy arrows. B & C are the rings that are supposed to "screw into" the controls themselves. With some great effort from two people, they were at one point tenuously attached. Now, a few years later, as you can see C comes away easily and don't do its job of keeping water out of the hole the controller comes out of.

The other problem is A - the shower / bath diverter. It is almost impossible to pull it out (turn on the bath) and, because B is not properly attached to the controller, when you yank on A, the whole wall seems to move....

I guess I'm looking for any advice at all. Has anyone solved this problem before? It's so stupid but I just feel like there must be a solution that costs less than getting the plumbing replaced (and the shower retiled - ugh!)



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You aren't the first one to have the mixer to deep in the wall---If the plumping can't be move out--call the manufacturer--most have extension kits to allow the handles to be installed when the mixer is to far back----
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