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Shower pan Tile redi vs Dreamline?

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Putting in a three wall single threshold 30x60 shower with glass door. (center drain)
I was getting a DreamLine SlimLine pan
Then also considered a Tile Ready pan.

Would anyone have something nice to say about one or the other or some advice?

(Building a shower base is not my best option, this thing must never leak!)

Here is some of what I have read so far:

The dreamline said to set it in mortar directly on the floor board and not to screw it into the studs under any circumstances.
(I have also read to never pour mortar directly on wooden boards as it will soak up the water in it which is bad?)
If done right, it should never leak.

The Tile Redi pans have a lot of negative (and positive) posts of which most are seven years old. Lots of bad advice. Someone even used cement!
They should never leak, but some do?
They may flex if installed incorrectly, which is hard... but they are easy to install?

Once in, I will use Wedi Board under the tile.
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I've used dreamline pans before, they're good.
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