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Hi All,

Completed all the stages of the shower pan but am noting that where the liner was hospital folded, it creates a bulge that causes the backer board to not lay flush with the studs.

Any ideas on creative methods to get things plumb.

I have considered
  1. peeling back the liner above the shower pan and carefully notching the stud and block board with a chisel. (carefully)
  2. Shimming the studs to match the thickness of the liner
  3. do nothing and try my best to work with the tile to hide the bulge.
Any advice?

(in further reading, i should have notched the studs prior to laying concrete in the liner, but this was not evident to me till later in the process)


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See if you can knock that backer board back---you don't need it,really.--Then tuck the fold into that pocket.

I saw that coming and didn't say anything---sorry. Mike---
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