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Hi all,

Have completed the pre slope on a shower pan and noticed a few areas where the concrete has sunk dis-proproportionately to other areas, creating some low spots on my slope from curb to drain.

Some of these low spots are around 1/16" deep over a 3-4" area.

should I

  1. skim coat the pre slope to correct the sunken spots
  2. remove pan and start over
  3. do nothing and move to the liner stage and flood test?


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That pre slope is fine---as a matter of fact it's the finest job I've ever seen--

It's time for you to add your liner and pack the base.--Good work.---Mike---

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You are in great shape. The liner will conform to any small variance that exists and the second cement cast will see to it.:) Keep going...excellent looking job from here. It's almost a shame to bury that one out of sight.:)
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