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I thought I already posted this, but didn't see any responses in email so I searched and can't find my original post. So, if it's a dupe, I apologize.

Here's what I want to do and would like some advice about whether I'm on the right track or not.

My shower is an insert with the acrylic/plastic backing glued to green board.

I have attempted to re-caulk this 2 or 3 times and (I think) due to my poorly working bathroom fan, it continues to mold within a couple weeks.

I have replaced the fan, so hopefully it won't happen again, but, the acrylic walls are "squishy", so I think water has gotten behind them. I'm just done trying to continually re-caulk and I'd like something better looking / more functional as well.

So, here's my plan:
-cut the acrylic straight down about 1/2" leaving the glass walls in tact
-cut the green board and replace that area
-ceramic tile from the plastic floor up to the ceiling on both walls (corner unit)
-cut in soap dish and seat for my wife (happy wife happy life)
-then I can grout which I think holds up better and "easier" to keep free of mold?

So, I guess my biggest question is will the grout meeting the acrylic/plastic of the base cause any issues and will it seal? Do you see any other 'major' flaws in my plan? Has anyone here done something like this to save cost on a new shower unit? If so, what was the outcome?

Thank you very much for any info. I'm not a contractor, and unfortunately cannot afford to hire one right now.

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I suggest you look into our tile' section for similar builds----

If you are leaving the old pan--then strip the walls to the studs---
sister in new studs if any are warped or water damaged (add blocking for grab bars)--
change the mixer valve---
sheet with a tile backer--I like Durrock--
Paint in a waterproofer like Red Guard--
Install your tile using modified thinset--
Grout and seal (or use an epoxy grout--
Caulk all 'change of planes (corners,wall pan,bench,niches)--
install door or curtain--

If you post more information or pictures,you will get the best answers--Mike--

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It is hard to picture what you are planning without actually seeing pics. Your acrylic surround is built to be waterproof. Just because it flexes, doesn't mean it is leaking.

There is one important point you should understand.
Tile and grout is not waterproof. Water will work its way through the grout and many tiles. Your shower needs to be totally waterproof before you lay your first tile. Theoretically, you should be able to use your shower without any tiles. If it's not, you should rethink your plan.
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