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Shower is leaking. Please help.

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I have this problem with not being able to completely shut the shower water for a few weeks now.
Besides the dripping being annoying, it wastes watter and increases the bill.
I looked around a little bit and first though the handle thread was worn out, but I tried with another handle and that's not the problem.

What seems strange is that the hot water stem keeps turning and turning and turning without ever really completely shutting the water off. The cold stem has not issues, after a few turns it stops and shuts the water.

Could you please let me know what is likely the problem?

Thanks a lot
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Since you don't seem to know where to start, consider professional help, a plumber. If you want to learn to DIY, there are some good books on basic DIY plumbing at home/hardware stores, book stores. They will show you hows and whys of dripping faucets, and how to fix them.
Investigate the stem being compromised.. that seems logical.
The coarse threads inside where the stem screws out and in to allow or stop the water flow could have worn out and become stripped.

Most replacement faucet stem assemblies have both the stem (with male threads) and a cap or insert (with female threads) since either or both sets of threads in the original parts could get stripped. Another set of (finer) threads holds the cap or insert on the rest of the faucet and these threads very seldom get stripped although they can sometimes be hard to dismantle.
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