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Shower head dilemma

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For many months, I've been frustrated with my Price Pfister avalon shower head. The darn thing takes FOREVER to drain out residual water- meaning, after taking my nightime shower, the sounds of "drip, drip.. drippety, drip," doesn't allow me a peaceful sleep. It's done this since new, and I'm finally just so SICK of it. For a while there, I thought the dripping was the result of a bad valve cartridge, but after I finally decided to remove the showerhead, it became blatantly-obvious that it isn't the valve leaking, but rather the shower head holding a bunch of water and slowly draining out, sometimes taking DAYS to stop dripping. Cleaning the head proves worthless, tilting it useless, and at this point, I just want a different head. I'm begging anyone out there reading this, to PLEASE, provide me with recommendations for a quality showerhead that drains itself relatively quickly without holding onto water and keeping me up all night! Thank you in advance. -Segal.
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I've had the same issues. I dont have any specific recommendations, but I find the simpler the design, the less likelihood of this happening.

interested to see suggestions from others though.
I know you mentioned that tilting it was useless, but after closing the shower diverter (or opening it, depending on your point of view - anyway, emptying it out after the shower is finished) I tilt the head completely upwards and this seems to produce a siphon effect which causes the water in the shower pipe to rise up and flow out of the head within a minute or so (while I towel off). Then I tilt it back down and no more drip-drip....

Or, take your shower in the morning ;)
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