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Shower handles turned off but water still dripping

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Super sorry for not knowing all the right terminology for parts, but I will try!:(

I have a double handle shower (1 for hot and 1 for cold). When I turn the water off (both nozzles turned as far to the right as they can go), the water still drips from the spout (or from the shower if I pull up the lever on the spout to start the shower).

How do I find out where the problem is?

Thanks so much for any advise. :)
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One of the O-rings in a cartridge has most likely broken and is now letting water through while the valve is in the "OFF" position. It may be the hot side or cold side, but cartridges are pretty cheap or even free (depending on manufacturer), so replace both of them.
Got a picture?
Going to have to shut off the water supply, remove the handles, remove the trim ring, then remove the valve stems so the washers can be replaced.

Most will require a special wrench to remove the stem.
I replaced the valve stems last year. Do you think it is just the washers? I have extra black rings (looks like rubber washers) from that replace.
How do I add a picture? When I clicked on icon it asked for url
I am trying to add a picture of the faucet...hope this works :confused1:


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As old as that looks it may also be the seats that need to be ground or changed.
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