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Shower Ghost

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Hey all!

When we bought our house (built in 75) back in 2007 it was a foreclosure so we expected some issues.

One that really baffles us how, during hard and long rain showers, like we've had in the past 2 days, our shower will mysteriously start filling with water.

Now when it does this, we understand that the broken tiles is most likely what allows the water to leak to other parts of the house. But our main point of confusion is how it backs up into the house!?!?

Any ideas on why our shower is filling with water? How much would you think we should expect to pay in getting it fixed? Thanks for your help!


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1. Have you had your sewer line snaked and cameraed lately. It is possible that your sewer is partially stopped up and if there is rain water getting into your sanitary system it is possible that your sewer has a partial blockage and it can't handle the extra water coming in. It is now illegal in most states to tie in your roof gutters into your sanitary system so a lot of people have that resolved by running thier roof drains on the ground away from the house but when they redid thier system they did not properly cap off the existing lines going to the sanitary system. Hence rain water was still going into the sanitary system. next time it happens try flushing a toilet and see if water comes out of the shower drain or if the water rises everytime you flush.
2. Next time it rains try to take note if there is a lot of water standing close to the house. If there is you might have to bring some dirt in and fill in the low spots so water will drain away from the house foundation.
3. Another solution is install a sump pump if that is feasible.

cost for snaking and camera around 3 to 5 hundred dollars
cost for dirt around foundation pretty cheap if you do it your self
cost for sump pump anywhere from 800 to 2000 dollars unless you do it your self. if you do it yourself under 500.
this is depending on where you live also could be more could be less.
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